Welcome Future Oracles!

We are so glad that you are considering volunteering for Virtual Playa Info!

Is there training?

Yes! We provide several training modules for Volunteers; including Zoom, Discord, and more.  

Introduction to vPlaya Info is a required module for all vPI volunteers. All others are optional. These modules are either live presentations and/or pre-recorded ones. 

Introduction to vPlaya Info is a live introductory session where you will be introduced to the role of Oracles, as well as preparing for and working on shifts.  5 sessions will be scheduled in the weeks prior to the event.

Orientation to the Worlds of Virtual Burning Man is a pre-recorded comprehensive survey of all the elements of the event. 

Discord and Zoom Training will be available as both a live presentation and a pre-recorded one. 

Harm Reduction Training is a session designed to understand how to interact with an online participant that is exhibiting crisis ideations/. The session will be recorded and available as a recording. 

Why Volunteer for vPlaya Info

  • The Community is looking for you! Connect with the Burning Man community!
  • The peer-to-peer connection is real and needed – just as it is on playa.Sharpen current skills and learn new ones.
  • Cool Comms better than Radios!
  • Tech: Doesn’t require VR headsets! Use a Mac or PC, or even a smartphone
  • Have a jumping off point for your Virtual Burn Week Experiences
  • You get orientation on all the worlds and while on duty you have free access.Connect with Volunteers & Staff you might not meet on Playa!
  • Schwag!!!  Nuff said.
  • For information about Virtual Playa Info Please visit: vplaya/about-vpi/ 

    Looking for other Volunteer opportunities?

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